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Friday, 2015-10-02

A brief review of the facts related to violent crime in the USA

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A brief summary, which is all that I intend to say on the matter for the foreseeable future:

Should we provide greater support for the mentally ill? Yes.
Would it make a significant difference in violent crime? No.
Are gun owners without criminal records a danger to society? No.
Are the mentally ill a danger to society? No.
Does the USA have the highest intentional homicide rate among “developed countries”? No.
Is the rate of intentional homicide in the USA higher now than ever? No.

Is intentional homicide tragic? Yes.

Do I wish there was less of it? Yes.

Can we wave a magic wand and make it go away? No.

P.S. As a student of criminology, it vexes me terribly when people trot out the same old banners any time a tragedy makes the news (lately, I just look away until the shouting is over). This article by Mark Manson makes some excellent points that I am usually not patient or calm enough to make.

I have no idea who Mark Manson is. I hope I won’t be embarrassed by linking to his blog.

P.P.S. Reading pro-gun people and anti-gun people argue is like listening to a flat-earther argue with a creationist.

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