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Friday, 2006-12-15

But what are software patents good for?

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Tim Lee, over at the Technology Liberation Front is breaking down a recent report defending software patents from the Progress & Freedom Foundation — a think tank which claims to be libertarian, but is consistently a huge supporter of granting government-granted monopolies on intellectual property. They were huge supporters of the DMCA, and keep trying to make it even worse. Tim raises an important question about software patents that should actually apply to just about any intellectual property issue, but which is rarely asked: what are software patents good for? He notes that all of the defenses for software patents actually are attempts at debunking the arguments against software patents, rather than explaining why software patents are necessary.

(from Techdirt, But What Are Software Patents Good For?)

I don’t see how anyone who supports abominations like DMCA and software patents can see themselves as remotely libertarian. That’s like being a pro-choice, free-speech-loving Republican, or a fiscally responsible, gun-owning Democrat. The things just do not go together.