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Tuesday, 2011-08-09

Google strikes out again on social networking

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Google+ fails

Google keeps trying to get it right when it comes to social networking. Buzz. Wave. Now Google+. And they came so close, so very close this time.

And then whizzed it right down their legs. I haven’t deleted my Google+ account yet, but I won’t be posting anything there any more (other than to press for correction of the “government names only” policy), and I won’t be encouraging my friends and family to use Google+.

This is distressing, and inexplicable. How can Google have gone so utterly, utterly wrong with this. Google appears to be committed to this anti-social, anti-privacy, anti-user policy. I had been inviting friends and family to Google+ and encouraging them to migrate there from Facebook. I won’t be doing that anymore. However, I’m not going back to Facebook. So now what? Just go back to posting exclusively here on my blog, and to hell with these “social networks”? Maybe.

So disappointed, Google. So very disappointed.

Update (2011-08-31): I gave Google plenty of time, but enough is enough.

Update (2011-10-20): Vic Gundotra (not his real name) says that support for pseudonyms on Google+ is coming “in the future”. “In the future”? Why “in the future”? It’s a bad policy. It’s always been a bad policy. It can be changed with a MEMO. So why hasn’t it already been changed?

Update (2012-01-23): Six months later, and Google is still blisteringly clueless.

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