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Tuesday, 2010-05-04

Men plan; the gods laugh (explained)

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Apparently I was not clear in my previous blog post, so I am explaining it. It’s a pretty funny story. Or perhaps an educational one. Yes: a cautionary tale! Do not let this happen to you! 🙂

The background package to which I referred was supposed to be given to Henrico County for the Animal Protection job. The programming job offer was from a different company, to do web development. That job offer was rescinded because I told them I had a very small chance at the Animal Protection job. However, at the time I told them that, I had already been excluded from the Animal Protection job, because I had turned in the background paperwork late (although I did not know it yet).

They (the company that had offered and then rescinded the programming job) countered with a “temp” job offer, which I took as an insult (to put it mildly). I asked for my typical rate for that kind of work, knowing that they would not be willing to pay it. So they declined that, as well, as I knew they would.

The long story short is that I was offered a great job at a great company, and because of at least three stupid mistakes I made, I lost out on that.

I have since tried to contact them, to see if the situation can be salvaged. They haven’t responded, and I do not expect them to. They are probably sorry they ever heard of me, and I do not blame them.

But life goes on. The horizon is broad, the future beckons, and all things are possible!