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Friday, 2019-06-28

No more “boob plate” comments, please

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Gods spare me from sneering fuckwits complaining about “boob plate”. We get it: you’re misogynists and/or pendants who like to hear yourselves talk.

You know how you can spot one of these obnoxious know-nothing sexist gits? When they see a drawing or photo of armor with gaps between the gorget and the pauldrons, and a dozen other “flaws”, but the one and only thing that they harp on is that the breastplate is molded to look like a woman’s chest instead of a man’s.

It irks the piss out of me, because it happens every damned time someone posts a cool picture of their character — IF that character is female. NEVER when the character is male.

ArmStreet just shared photos of a lovely set of actual functional SCA armor made of spring steel, approved by SCA wardens, providing better protection than a lot of approved SCA armors, and it got entirely sidetracked by these smirking dickheads.

If you are going to complain about “boob plate” around me, STFU. My patience for your bullshit is gone.

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