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Saturday, 2022-05-14

“Outlaws” (2022) vs “Misfits” (2009)

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If you liked “Misfits” (2009), you may like “Outlaws” (2022) on Amazon. I just watched the first episode. Christopher Walken steals every scene (of course), but the rest of the cast is quite good. I even felt some sympathy for the probation officer, who is typically the antagonist in this sort of show. (They played with that trope to good effect in “Misfits”. My strongest memory of that show is their jerk probation officer singing karaoke. It made me cry, in large part because it was the culmination of a season-long story arc. I was going to link to it, but after watching it out of context, I decided not to. You’d really have to watch the show to fully get it.)

Ironically (or perhaps by design — he is quite clever, after all), the only character I have no particular sympathy for (at the end of the first episode) is the one played by Stephen Merchant.

Anyway, “Outlaws“. Amazon. Check it out.