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Wednesday, 2005-03-23

She’s a man, baby!

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give us a kiss, sweetieHere’s something funny. Last year, some time during the summer, I discovered the Hero Games discussion forums. For a while, I was pretty active. During that time, I encountered a person who went by the name of Kara, who pretended to be a witless floozy. A pretty lesbian floozy, no less. I pointed out the obvious: that this persona was typical of men playing women, and that it was insulting to both men and women. Naturally, I got flamed for it. I let the matter drop. People don’t believe lies because liars are convincing. People believe lies because they prefer them to the truth. It’s human nature. It’s why the Libertarian Party gets less than 1% of the vote.

Well, it turns out that “Kara” was a guy named Fred Bittick. (Shock! Gasp!)

I spoke the facts plainly, as I would with rational adults, and was treated rudely as a result. That wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. Human stupidity and belligerence has kept organized religion in business for well over a thousand years: that won’t be changing any time soon.