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Saturday, 2011-08-13

The Mugs of August – 1995 McDonald’s Batman Forever mug

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1995 McDonald's Batman Forever mug

I am going to post a photo of a coffee mug every day in August, and talk a little bit about where we got it and why I like it.

I got this mug in 1995 from McDonald’s. It was one of a series of mugs they were selling to advertise Batman Forever. On the one hand, I did not think Batman Forever was very good. It was entirely too cartoony, Chris O’Donnell was about ten years too old to play Robin, and of course it’s the film that gave the world bat nipples. On the other hand, it’s got a great soundtrack, and it’s better than Batman & Robin.

At the time, I did not like the rest of the mugs in this series, but I did rather like this one, so I bought four. However, we tossed out a lot of junk when we moved to Richmond back in 2005, including three of those four. I kept this one because I think it’s a neat mug. If you want one like it, you can get them on Ebay for 99 cents, plus shipping.

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