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Tuesday, 2019-12-24

“The Witcher” sucks

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“The Witcher” on Netflix, episode 3. I’ve stuck with it this long, hoping that it will eventually get going and allow the characters to be interesting once it gets the tedious exposition out of the way. But that hasn’t happened. On top of that, the characters’ conversations in this episode make it apparent that the scenes are jumbled in time.

I know that the jumbled timeline gimmick is in vogue right now, and it might even work, in skilled hands. The first season of “Westworld” made it work, brilliantly. In “The Witcher”, it is just irritating.

They should have left out the “Princess Cally’s Road Trip” subplot. Every single scene tied to that was painfully dull. And the whole “Yennefer Goes To Sorcery School” thing — the whole “Brotherhood Of Sorcery” thing, in fact — is just … yuck.

I wish the show had been about the woman from the first episode, Refiri. She was more interesting than everything else in the first three episodes put together.

As Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) said in “Bad Santa”, “They can’t all be winners, can they.” Time to move on to a different show.

The Witcher wonders why his show is so dull

I want to like things. And I don’t think my expectations are unreasonable. But some things just suck.