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Wednesday, 2016-11-09

Who really elected President Trump?

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It’s a mistake to assume that all — or even most — of the people who have voted for Trump are racists and/or misogynists. It’s an easy accusation. It helps us feel superior. But it’s exactly that sort of smug contempt from people like us that drove some of those people to vote for him.

So if you routinely make cruel assumptions about rural people, or assume all southerners are inbred racists, or use words like “yokel” to describe people who don’t dress like you, talk like you, and live where you live… you are part of the reason that otherwise sane and compassionate people voted for Donald Trump.

And if you are, you are probably already formulating a response to defend yourself, doubling-down on your contempt for people you’ve never met, and not even seeing the irony in that.