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Wednesday, 2010-06-02

Still alive

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Meeting with a client this afternoon. Hopefully, it will have positive results.

It will be a while before I know anything about the job with the company that helps nonprofits organize fund-raising events. That’s not the only job lead I have, so I am pretty optimistic, in general.

I am still coughing, but far less often than I was, and more often than not it’s more of a vigorous throat-clearing than an actual cough. I will be glad when the cough abates entirely: my ribs and chest muscles are so sore.

Class officially started yesterday. I think this semester is going to be great. I am actually interested in both classes.

Friday, 2010-05-28

American Godzilla

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American GodzillaI am watching the American Godzilla movie, arguably the most widely reviled monster movie ever made. It has some serious problems. For example, they continue calling Godzilla “he” after they discover that it is pregnant. That’s just stupid. Additionally, the female romantic lead, played by Maria Pitillo, is both monumentally dim-witted and morally reprehensible, yet we are supposed to sympathize with her. I think not. The pacing is sluggish — the entire middle third of the movie should have been left on the cutting room floor, in my opinion. I also did not like the way they killed Godzilla at the end. The real Godzilla would not have gone down that way (it reminded me of the pathetic way that Mace Windu died — “like a punk”, in the words of Sam Jackson). And, most damning of all, the design of the monster’s head is just ludicrous.

However, it does have a lot going for it. The early scenes in which ships are destroyed without actually showing Godzilla are really effective. Even the design of the monster itself, aside from the head, is pretty nifty, and the shots of it moving — running, swimming, and so on — are really well done. The cast also has its strong points. Jean Reno is brilliant, and Hank Azaria, Vicki Lewis, and Doug Savant give solid supporting performances.

So, is American Godzilla a great movie? No. It’s not even a great Godzilla movie. But it’s not as bad as people say.

Friday, 2010-05-07

UFO abduction lamps

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UFO abduction lamps

UFO abduction lamps from Make: Onlne.

Friday, 2010-04-23

Saving foxes

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baby fox heads in storm grateKaren Stone had packed up and gone home for the day when she got a call last week from the Plainfield, Conn., police department. Something about three fox heads sticking up outside of the storm grate….

Wednesday, 2010-02-17

Don’t take it too seriously

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I have said it before, but I will say it again: don’t take anything posted in this blog too seriously. It’s mainly a place for me to grumble harmlessly about things that are beyond my control, so that I can get it out of my system and go on with my life as the generally optimistic, upbeat person that I prefer to be.

Life is too short to be pissed off all the time.

Monday, 2010-01-11

Racism in Avatar

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Apparently some people have chosen to interpret the theme of James Cameron’s Ferngully remake, Avatar, as racist.

The theme of the outsider who arrives, becomes an insider, and then helps save them, is about as anti-racist a theme as one is likely to find. The Thirteenth Warrior had the same theme (Arab becomes accepted among Norse barbarians), as did the recent remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still (alien decides not to destroy humanity). Even Twilight has a touch of that theme. This theme goes back at least as far as Beowulf (a Geat hero among Danes — and the story which inspired The Thirteenth Warrior), if not further.

People who cherry-pick their examples only to include races against which they have a grudge, and then use that as evidence of some kind of racist message, really need to examine their motives, imo. The message isn’t about “race” at all. It’s about crossing cultural boundaries. It’s about synthesis.

Yes, the human “saviour” in Avatar could do things the Na’vi couldn’t — because he would do them. He was not constrained by their assumptions about what was possible or proper (praying to the tree/planet/god, capturing a big red bird, etc.). But anyone who thinks that the Na’vi did not also teach him things completely misses the point. He was able to accomplish more as one of the Na’vi than he could ever have done as a human — and not just because he was big and blue.

Tuesday, 2009-12-08

Found: wedding ring

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I just found my wedding ring! I lost it at the beginning of October.

It was in a cardboard box, one of a stack of cardboard boxes that I had been meaning to throw away. But I have some stuff to sell on ebay (old hard drives and so on), so I haven’t. And I was peeling the stickers off one, getting ready to pack my calculus books in it (yay, no more calculus!), and there was this sliding and bumping sound, and I was like, “What’s in here?” And I looked under the old packing slip in it, and there was my ring!

Two months. I had given up on finding it.

Monday, 2009-11-23

Hexographer defective by design

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This article has been retitled and moved. Please update your bookmarks and your expectations of Hexographer. Thanks.

Wednesday, 2009-10-07

Identify this image of a female death warrior

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female death warriorI have this old image I found on the Internet , oh, it must be ten years ago, at least, of a female death warrior, or shadow knight, or death knight, who bears a passing resemblance to Lexa Doig. The problem is, I do not have the original: I only have a crappy, ten year old hardcopy.

If you can identify this image, or tell me where it came from, that would be just swell.

Edit: I found the original image, and replaced the poor scan above with the original. I still do not know where it came from. I wish I knew.

Wednesday, 2009-09-30

Pondering getting out of IT

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I think I may get out of IT.

I am tired of Windows and the poor decisions it encourages. I am tired of companies that ostensibly hire you for your competence and professionalism, and then micromanage your software choices and filter your internet access. I am tired of companies that make ritual humiliation part of the interview process. I am tired of competing with people from India who are just as smart as I am and who will put up with more BS.

Most of all, I am tired of companies that see IT workers as little more than D-cell batteries of knowledge — just as disposable, and just as easily replaced.

Maybe I am just tired.

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