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Friday, 2016-02-05

Fantasy Age: The Stunt Die

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An ability test uses three six-sided dice (3d6). Two of the dice should be one color and the third a different color. The off color die is known as the Stunt Die. The three dice are rolled and added together, and then 2 more is added if the character has an appropriate focus (3 if the character has taken the focus twice). The final number is the test result.

Test result = 3d6 + ability + focus

The test result is compared to a static target number (TN) in the case of a Basic Test or the test result of another character in an Opposed Test. A character wins a Basic Test by meeting or beating the target number and an Opposed Test by beating the opponent’s test result. The results of the Stunt Die can be used to determine the degree of success and to break ties in the case of an Opposed Test.


  • Leave the dice on the table after a roll because the result of the Stunt Die may be important.
  • The Stunt Die only counts for successful tests.
  • In opposed tests, ties are broken by the Stunt Die, or the higher ability if those too are tied.

(Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook, “Mastering The Rules”)