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Saturday, 2010-11-20

Harry Potter spoilers

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I haven’t seen the new Harry Potter movie, but based on the previous five (six?) movies, I will tell you what I expect from this one:

  • Harry is a putz and does nothing useful
  • Ron is annoying and does nothing useful
  • Hermione is cute and smart and her talents are utterly wasted
  • Drago snarls and whines but does nothing more evil than your average six-year-old bully
  • The teachers ignore everything Harry says even though he’s right
  • The authorities are clueless and ineffectual
  • The villain kills one or two people, then does nothing interesting for the rest of the movie
  • At the end of the movie, the villain isn’t defeated so much as he wanders away
  • However much fun the last movie had, this movie has less

That’s what I expect. When it comes out on DVD, I will find out if I was right.