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Wednesday, 2006-12-27

Marilyn Martin – Night Moves

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I stumbled across this video on YouTube earlier today. I loved this song, and I loved this video, and I was really happy to find it again. It is from back in the 20th century, when MTV used to play music videos.

It’s too bad that some of the really great music videos from that era are, as far as I know, lost to history. For example, I’d pay a tidy sum to have a DVD-quality copy of this music video, not to mention the Kate Bush oeuvre. Ah, well. At least someone recorded this on VHS and uploaded it to YouTube. I just think it’s sad that we have lost some of our cultural history from before the advent of universal digitization and file-sharing.

Do not let the propaganda from the Digital Rights Mafia and the media robber barons fool you: digitization and file-sharing will preserve our cultural heritage for future generations. Our great-grand-children will lament the fact that much of the 20th century multimedia will be lost to them — if they are even aware of the loss. If the media robber barons have their way, the works of the 21st century will be lost, as well.

Anyway, enjoy the video. According to Ms. Martin’s husband, the video was inspired by The Hunger. I believe it.