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Tuesday, 2020-06-09

On defunding the police

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Fun story! When I was 18 or 19, the father of a friend of mine was a union organizer. That was a his job: to travel the country and help people who wanted to form unions to do that. He said that one of the questions he got most often from business owners was, “What can I do to keep my employees from forming a union?” His answer was, “Treat your employees fairly, and pay them fairly, and they’ll never want to.”

I know a few people who think calls to defund the police (which really means to demilitarize them, and spend that money to actually help people, instead) or even disband the police (such as in Minneapolis, where the police are a criminal gang in black uniforms) are bizarre. Madness. An invitation to chaos.

Want to know how you keep people from de-funding or disbanding your police department? You treat them with respect. You de-escalate rather than escalate. You don’t assault and murder them. You make their lives BETTER rather than WORSE. And then it won’t even occur to them to reduce your funding.

Any police department being threatened with being “defunded” or dissolved has ASKED for that to happen, a thousand times over. It’s just taken this long for people to be so damned fed up that they are finally, just maybe, doing it.