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Saturday, 2010-11-27

Sheer, utter madness or something…

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I am taking a break from my effort to watch every DVD we own in more or less alphabetical order (currently on “C”), and viewing Frankenhooker. This is a funny horror movie from the golden age of VHS, released on DVD in widescreen. What I love about this movie is the mumbling, New Jersey-accented Jeffrey Franken, electrician and part-time mad scientist, whose bizarre activities are mostly ignored by his friends and family.

Mother: Oh, Jeffrey. I’m worried about you.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, so am I, ma. Something happening to me that I just don’t understand. I can’t think straight anymore. Like my reasoning is all uh, twisted and distorted, you know? I seem to be disassociating myself from reality, more and more, each day. I’m antisocial… and becoming dangerously amoral. I-I’ve lost the ability to distinguish between right from wrong… good from bad. I’m scared, ma. I mean I feel like sometimes I-I’m plunging headfirst into some kind of black void of sheer, utter madness or something…

Mother: Do you want a sandwich?

Jeffrey: …no, thanks.

I am also working on a paper for my Criminology class. This seems appropriate.