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Monday, 2009-08-24

Spam from Facebook

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An amusing anecdote from the department head of the Computer Science department of Purdue University, one of the world’s experts on network security:

Bottom line: providing Facebook any access to email addresses at all is like Roach Motel — they go in, but there is no way to get them out. And Facebook’s customer service and interfaces leave a whole lot to be desired. Coupled with other complaints people have had about viruses, spamming, questionable uses of personal images and data, changes to the privacy policy, and the lack of any useful customer service, and I really have to wonder if the organization is run by people with any clue at all.

I certainly won’t be inviting anyone else to join Facebook, and I am now recommending that no one else does, either.

(from More customer disservice—This time, Facebook, CERIAS)

Makes me glad that I do not have a Facebook account.