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Tuesday, 2016-04-05

Stability spending in Trail Of Cthulhu

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I have created a chart for Trail Of Cthulhu, showing when it is a good idea to spend Stability to improve a Stability roll, and when it isn’t (note: it usually isn’t). Maybe this will be useful to someone.

Trail Of Cthulhu Stability Spend chart

For myself, I do not think I will use this mechanic as written. I think that I will use the following house rules.

  1. Players can’t “spend” on Stability rolls.
  2. A player may choose for their character to lose half* of the potential Stability loss instead of rolling.
  3. A character’s Stability can’t go to -12 unless it is already -11. The character’s Stability has to drop to -11 before it can go any lower. (This gives the character one last chance to survive.)

That’s orders of magnitude simpler, and will always work out better for the character than the standard “spend” rules.

(* Rounded in the character’s favor. Always round in the character’s favor.)