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Wednesday, 2010-11-17

The Sal Giunta Story

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This is a fourteen minute film about Sal Giunta, the first person since Vietnam to be awarded the medal of honor.

The Sal Giunta Story from SebastianJunger/TimHetherington on Vimeo.

When people say, “Oppose the war, but support the troops,” this is what they are talking about. Sergeant Giunta is not to blame for US troops being in Iraq and Afghanistan: pencil-pushers in Washington, D.C. are to blame for that. You and I are to blame for that, because not enough of us have stood up and told our politicians to bring these brave young people home now, damn it.

Sergant Giunta and the brave young men and women who fight and die in third-world hellholes on the other side of the planet deserve our respect. The self-serving cretins who sent them there, and who keep them there, do not.

Oppose the war.
Support our troops.
Bring them home.