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Wednesday, 2022-08-31

Zomchi “safety razor” first impressions

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I bought myself a rainbow metallic Zomchi “safety razor”. I have never owned or used a safety razor before, and I was pretty afraid to start. Still, generations used these, so how hard could it be?

It was much easier than I feared. I held it at a thirty degree angle (or as close as I could), pressed lightly but consistently (as much as I could), and shaved. It took a few passes to get my face smooth, and some areas still seem a bit stubbly, but I think I did pretty well on my first try.

The razor is even prettier than the image in the listing. It is made of three pieces, which have excellent “fit and finish”, as the kids say. Assembly and replacing the blade was pretty straightforward. I think I would have to be pretty careless to cut myself while changing the blade, but I was attentive and careful, even so.

I am pleased with this. It wasn’t expensive, and it’s a solid little razor that feels good to use.