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Monday, 2016-01-25

Fantasy Age specialization: Spellbinder

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A new specialization for Fantasy Age: Spellbinder.


While most mages use their arcane arts to impose their will on the world around them, spellbinders concentrate their attention on the subtlest of the arcane arts: the line between what is real and what we only think is real. This focus on the ephemeral gives spellbinders greater effectiveness in wielding (and resisting) such manipulations, and eventually deepens their understanding of the nature of reality itself. For some mages, this expertise is used to conceal and deceive, while others study this power to seek a deeper truth.

You have a talent for spellbinding magic. Choose one of the following magic talents to be your favored arcana: Enchantment Arcana, Faerie Arcana, Illusion Arcana, or Thought Arcana.

  • Novice: You gain a +2 bonus when resisting spells from your favored arcana.
  • Journeyman: Your knowledge of the subtle arts is deep. When casting spells of your favored arcana, their cost in magic points is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.
  • Master: You understand the relationship between perception and reality. You can choose a second favored arcana from the list.