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Wednesday, 2006-12-13

German government considers computer characters human

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The German government is considering fining or jailing gamers for committing violent acts upon computer characters.

The new laws will mean that a new offence has been created and anyone found guilty of “cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters” could face fines or a year in jail.

New laws will mean that computer generated characters will have rights and will no longer be able to be shot, chainsawed, or hit with hammers.

German games are already censored and many are banned in the Fatherland. Even games such as Dead Rising are banned as violence against zombies is considered as being too close to violence towards real people.

Once again it is all to protect children from becoming homicidal maniacs, ignoring the fact that kids will play with sticks if they are banned from playing with toy guns.

(from The Inquirer, German government considers computer characters human)

This is so stupid that I had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t a spoof from BBSpot. It’s pretty sad when the fake news is less absurd than the real news.