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Friday, 2010-10-01

Put down the Wii and vote

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I don’t play a lot of video games. I played WOW for a couple of years (rather, I paid for it for a couple of years), and from time to time I dust off my neato-bitchin’ Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick and fly my WW2 fighter plane into the ground a few dozen times, but really that’s about it. That’s not the point, though. It doesn’t matter whether I play video games, collect Norwegian ballads, or spend my days writing pornographic limericks about toothpaste — in the USA, no one is allowed to pass a law against it, or even regulate it. Why not? The important reason why not is because IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS WHAT PEACEFUL, CONSENTING ADULTS DO WITH THEIR FREE TIME. A less-important reason is because we have these rules that the government is supposed to abide by, and one of them says (among other things) NO LAWS RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH, YOU FASCIST JACKASS.

So why am I spouting all of this stuff that every child ought to know by the age of ten (and which most legislators apparently never learned)? Because some jackasses want to pass laws regulating video games. That by itself is not new. This sort of thing comes up every so often. Before video games, it was movies, before that it was rock and roll, before that it was novels, and before that it was movies again. Ad nauseam. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that the first time some monobrowed cave dweller scratched a stick figure in a limestone rock, another monobrowed cave dweller was there claiming it would cause the downfall of not-yet-quite-humanity. And yet here we all are, and it’s turned out more or less okay so far.

What’s new (ish) is the Video Game Voters Network. So watch this short but entertaining public service message, and then get off your butt and do something useful: vote. Vote libertarian, if that’s an option, but if not, at least vote for the least oppressive, least power-mad, least war-crazy, least superstitious person you can find. And then call them periodically to remind them that you voted for them because they were supposed to be less of an irrational fascist dillweed than the other irrational fascist dillweeds that wanted the job, and if they don’t shape up you’ll vote for some other irrational fascist dillweed next time around, and they’ll have to go get a real job.