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Wednesday, 2005-12-21

Venture Bros. news

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Bad news first: The release date for The Venture Bros. Season One DVD has been postponed. Not sure of the exact date yet, but it will be out around the time of the second season’s premiere (but still before it), that they might better cross-promote one another. Apologies for the unintentional misinformation in previous journal entries, and to those who’ve expressed a real eagerness to get their hands on a copy.

Good news: In what I suppose is fast becoming an annual holiday tradition for us, we’ve once again teamed up with IGN/Filmforce and concocted another aural stocking stuffer for you all to enjoy (and cringe at when The Monarch hits–or doesn’t hit–the high notes). Merry Christmas, everyone.

(from Publick Nuisance, It’s That Time Again…)

This is great, great news (other than the DVD being delayed). In other interesting Venture Bros. news, the original pilot will be airing on Cartoon Network around Christmas, which is pretty primitive by the standards set by the first season, but it’s still fun to watch. Also, IGN has two “Holiday Havoc” MP3s from the Venture Bros. gang, one from last year and one from this year. Check them out:

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend sing Little Drummer Boy

The Monarch and henchmen 21 & 24 sing the Christmas blues

I love Christmas. As Dr. Orpheus would say (and did say, in “A Very Venture Christmas”), the whole affair is about as real as “Kwanzaa”, or the Wookies’ “Life Day”, but I find it charming. 🙂