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Saturday, 2010-05-29

Steampunk Nerf Maverick: Rev 6A color tests

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This is my second attempt to modify a Nerf Maverick for steampunk costuming purposes. (My first attempt was in March 2010.)

I will eventually post all of the photos of this process online, but this blog post is specifically to address the color scheme. Rather than paint over and over until I like the colors, as I did with the prototype, I have decided to use Photoshop to try and apply different color schemes to see how I like them.

Nerf Maverick black base coat
This is a photo of the gun with most of the parts placed where they are supposed to go, with the base coat of satin black.

Nerf Maverick gold
This is what it would look like painted solid gold.

Nerf Maverick brass
This is what it would look like painted solid brass.

Nerf Maverick caramel
This is what it would look like painted solid caramel metallic.

Nerf Maverick copper
This is what it would look like painted solid copper. A friend of mine says this makes it look like it’s made of chocolate. Chocopunk!

Nerf Maverick steel
This is what it would look like painted solid steel.

Nerf Maverick scheme 01
Color scheme 01. I don’t like the gold on the decorations. I thought that I would.

Nerf Maverick scheme 02
Color scheme 02. Base color is gold. I think it looks garish.

Nerf Maverick scheme 03
Color scheme 03. Brass with a lot of copper highlights. I like this one.

Nerf Maverick scheme 04
Color scheme 04. Brass with a bit less copper. I like this one better.

Nerf Maverick scheme 05
Color scheme 05. Black highlights on the slide and frame. Not too bad.

Nerf Maverick scheme 06
Color scheme 06. There are things I like about this color scheme, but I think it has too many colors. I do like the black on the grip.

Nerf Maverick scheme 07
Color scheme 07. I kept the black on the grip, and simplified the color scheme a bit. Still not quite right.

Nerf Maverick scheme 08
Color scheme 08. Black on the grip, simpler color scheme, and the flourishes are not highlighted at all. I think that this is the scheme I will use, but I will sleep on it.

Nerf Maverick scheme 09
Color scheme 09. Copper slide, and the decorations on the slide and frame are highlighted. I think I like scheme 08 better.

Nerf Maverick scheme 10
Color scheme 10. Black grip, black highlights, some more color on the cylinder.

Nerf Maverick scheme 11
Color scheme 11. Same as 10, but with caramel frame and slide decorations.

Nerf Maverick scheme 12
Color scheme 12. Something different: black frame, brass and copper highlights.

Nerf Maverick scheme 13
Color scheme 13. Same as 10, but with copper frame and slide decorations.